White paper: Entering the Marketplace Era

White paper: Entering the Marketplace Era

Leveraging payment technology as a growth catalyst in 2023

Marketplaces are increasingly playing a central role in eCommerce.

For manufacturers and retailers, they are a vital channel providing a new additional source of revenue. Marketplaces offer a way to expand reach, attract new customers, and improve SEO by building a ‘one-stop-shop’ destination for their customers.

More than 40% of all post-pandemic online spending globally is taking place on marketplaces, with online accounting for 51% of all retail sales in 2021.

Download the white paper to discover about:

  • Global trends driving marketplace adoption
  • Evolving customer behavior and needs
  • Business models and different types of marketplaces
  • Unpicking a complex ecosystem
  • What are the main challenges for marketplaces?
  • Payment-related best practices
  • How to implement best practices

Global trends have accelerated the growth of online sales and impacted customer needs and behavior, creating new opportunities for marketplaces (e.g. emerging models with niche marketplaces, B2B sector specific marketplaces, offline marketplaces).


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