Move forward with more payment options.

Accept over 600 alternative payment methods, including cryptocurrencies with our cutting-edge payment platform.

Online, In-store and Mobile Payments with Nuvei

One platform. One partner.

Globally Connected. Innovative & Flexible. Reliable & Secure.
600+ local payment methods including cryptocurrencies, and nearly 150 currencies
Conversion-boosting checkout features
Direct connectivity to the major payment card schemes
Quick and easy shopping cart integration
Built-in fraud protection and tokenization

600+ local payments, crypto and nearly 150 currencies

Expand your global footprint and tap into new markets without compliance worries. Accept virtually every type of payment – from major credit and debit cards to local and alternative payment options that customers know and trust.

Use the same payment technology as thriving brands. Make it easy for your customer to pay, however they choose.
Credit & debit
Bank transfer
Mobile payment
Cash vouchers

Everything you need to succeed

By uniting payment consulting and payment technology, we help you optimize operating costs, increase acceptance rates, and extract more revenue out of each transaction.

Global acquiring

Dynamic currency conversion

Smart transaction routing

FX solutions

Integrate online with Nuvei

Frictionless eCommerce starts here

Designed for quick integration and to boost conversions

Simply connect

Designed to boost conversion rates

Create a local checkout experience, in just a few clicks.

Our ready-to-use hosted payment page has built-in features designed to boost conversion and dynamically display local checkout experiences customized to each customer’s location, language and local currency.

The design can be customized to match your website’s look and feel, and the integration requires no coding at all.

  • Fast setup of payment gateway
  • Localization of payment methods, currency and languages
  • One-click payment
  • Decline recovery
  • Embedded risk solutions
  • Analytics & reporting

Make it easy to pay.
No matter how you do business

Accept virtually every type of payment that comes your way — from chip and PIN to tap and pay, and mobile wallets.


Chip & Pin

Chip & Sign

QR Code

Integrate in-store: advanced payment technology brought to the point of sale

Improve your customer shopping experience with EMV and NFC ready POS terminals. 

Use our advanced equipment to accept POS payment in-store, collect payment via a self-service checkout or transform your mobile device into a payment terminal to accept debit and credit card payment at any location.

POS Hardware Solutions
Point-to-Point Encryption
Contactless Payments
Semi-integrated Solutions
POYNT Smart Terminals
Unattended Vending

Mobile payments: instant & secure payment processing on-the-go

Accept virtually every type of payment, no matter where your business takes you, with the latest mobile payment technology. 

Our mobile payment solutions enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go. Accept payments on to go, at events or right in your vehicle, all while reducing communication costs.

Wireless Terminals
Mobile POS
Apple Pay™️
Google Pay™️
In-app Payments
Payment Links

Compliance and security
with integrated fraud management

We make it easy for you to comply with regional regulatory requirements and offer enhanced security for fraud management.

Fraud rules engine


PSD2 and SCA

PCI Management

Local checkout experience

Create a streamlined checkout experience customized to each customer’s location, language and local currency.
  • Boost conversions by accepting local payment methods your customers know and trust
  • Provide clear, local pricing for seamless check outs and reduced chargebacks
  • Go further, faster with the latest market innovations and card scheme products

Unified Reporting

Deep-dive into analytics, including traffic optimization, leading to higher approvals and revenues.
  • Performance comparisons by country, currency, payment method or date
  • Actual cost breakdown and acquirer margin, for full financial transparency
  • Advanced case management to uncover hidden revenue potential

More Than 99.99% uptime

Maximum availability with industry-leading uptime. High-speed processing to handle large transaction volumes.
  • 24/7/365 transaction monitoring and support via global teams
  • Virtually unlimited scalability to support peak periods
  • Multiple data centers to ensure redundancy

Personalized Assistance

From the get-go, you’ll notice that we do things differently. We make things happen, raising the bar for payment processing. It’s as simple as that!
  • Unparalleled acquiring flexibility
  • Advanced customization
  • Performance strategies
  • Globally-connected teams

Fully supported from day one

À la carte offering

Transparent rates

Global teams with round-the-clock service

24/7/365 transaction monitoring and support
Industry-specific expertise
Gaming & Social Media
Travel & Hospitality
Online Retail & Marketplaces
Retail & Restaurant
Digital Good & Services
many more