Fraud & Risk Management

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Get peace of mind knowing your business is protected with high-performance fraud detection and prevention.

Fraud and risk management with Nuvei

One platform. Global protection.

Manage Risk and Protect Your Brand
Secure Your Customers’ Data
Reduce PCI Scope and Liability
Maximize revenue while detecting fraud

Rest easy with integrated risk management

Count on our real-time fraud detection and scoring engine to stop transaction fraud before it can take place. Fully integrated into our payment solutions, you can rest easy knowing all your transactions are secure.
Reduce chargebacks by identifying and flagging risky orders
Highly configurable with over 200 combinations and parameters
Respond to new fraud trends as they come online, automatically
Set rules whether to accept, reject or manually review transactions
Matches IP address to region, BIN to country, high risk IPs, proxies and more
Identity Manager

Tackle fraud with global identity verification

Protect your business against fraud with our Identity Manager while onboarding customers quickly and easily. Keep up to date with the latest regulatory compliance requirements worldwide. Our eKYC and document verification checks help you comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations while meeting identity management requirements.
Automated customer authentication with unified reporting on all activities
Seamless eKYC and document uploading experience
Single contract for all local identification providers
Smart routing flow checks across multiple providers
Easy integration via API or our hosted payment page
Smart 3DS Service

Balance Strong Customer Authentication, security and conversions

Automatically direct any payment flow through the best authentication process depending on exemptions, rules and individual risk assessments. We offer an acquirer-agnostic solution to manage 3D Secure 2 complexity as required under PSD2 SCA.
Dynamically routes transactions via the appropriate 3DS flow
Enables higher authorizations while reducing risk
Multiple integration options based on business requirements

Seamless and secure transactions

Safely process transactions while reducing the risk of having sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. Our tokenization technology provides access to billing data without needing to store credit card information. This is especially useful for recurring or subscription billing. Each token is linked to a unique customer profile and can be used to complete a purchase transaction.
Secure billing via tokenization reduces your PCI scope
Provides one-click payment to increase conversions
Ability to easily and securely perform token migrations
PCI Management

Boost your security and compliance

We recognize the need for the highest security available to protect you and your customers. In compliance with PCI Data Security Standards, we have met and surpassed all requirements set forth as a Level 1 Service Provider. Our technology and expert staff can help you reduce risk, chargebacks and simplify PCI DSS compliance.
Mitigate threats before they become an issue.
Reduce effort and cost for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
Access solutions to descope your PCI DSS requirements
Chargeback management

Manage customer disputes quickly and easily

Our chargeback management solutions allow you to respond to unrecognized card transactions and other potential disputes more rapidly and effectively. Access detailed reports via our back-office or API, giving you a clear overview of fraud and chargeback information.
Manage and settle disputes more efficiently 24/7
Real-time chargeback alerts and consolidated reporting
Proprietary in-house solutions and integration to major third parties
Uniting consulting and technology

Everything you need to succeed

By uniting payment consulting and payment technology, we help you reduce risk, chargebacks and simplify PCI compliance.
In-house risk teams
Multi-Layered defense
Point of sale security
Online fraud prevention
Behavioral analysis