Expanding across borders? Connect to your customers with the right local payment methods

Make sure it always feels like a local digital shopping experience to your customers. With our hosted payment page that can be customized to each market, it’s easy to scale globally.
  • More than 550 local and alternative payment methods
  • Over 150 currencies
  • Servicing 200+ markets worldwide

Modular, API-based technology to support tomorrow’s digital payments

We believe in choice, scalability and redundancy. That’s why our advanced, acquirer-agnostic technology offers total flexibility for your business needs and a frictionless experience for your customers, today and in the future.
  • Open architecture and modular API
  • Advanced customization of rules, products and solutions
  • Custom-built products and solutions

Simple subscriptions and recurring billing so the show never stops

Our flexible recurring payments feature optimizes onboarding, helps with customer retention, and increases conversion with auto-retry tools. The result? Happier customers, repeat sales, and uninterrupted subscription services.
  • Automatic account updating
  • Multiple, concurrent subscriptions with individual start and end dates
  • Secure eKYC and identity management
  • Flexible payment frequency and auto-retry technology

Maximum uptime and managed security so your revenue is never in jeopardy

Our platform is designed to handle large transaction volumes so we can support any spike in traffic. And we’re real tech support specialists at the end of the phone, whenever you need us. No matter where you sell your digital goods or services, integration with Nuvei ensures world-class fraud and risk management.
  • 24/7/365 transaction monitoring and tech support via global teams
  • Virtually unlimited scalability with low latency
  • Continual availability with industry-leading uptime
  • Chargeback management

NFTs and crypto payments? No problem

Crypto as a payment method is growing in popularity, particularly for digital goods like NFTs. We empower our merchants to accept crypto but settle in fiat, offering risk mitigation against volatility.
  • Pay-in and payout support for nearly 40 of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies
  •  free crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto exchange
  • Fully compliant – because the exchange process is managed by us, your reconciliation will be in fiat only
  • Seamless integration and simplified bank settlement
Agnostic tokenization to combat cart abandonment
Safeguard your subscriber database and eliminate breach liability with tokenization. Each token is linked to a single profile and can be used to complete a purchase transaction. Give your users uninterrupted access to their digital goods and subscriptions.
  • Best-in-class security and fraud protection
  • Access billing data without storing card information
  • Increase conversions and enhance the customer experience

“We are constantly finding new ways to support our merchants and offer them the tools to grow their businesses, so they can continue to expand their online presence and provide the best service to their customers. We look forward to working with Nuvei, providing more payment options for our merchants.”

Volodymyr Tsukur and Amit Sagiv
Co-Heads of Wix Payments