Fast and scalable onboarding

Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual onboarding. Nuvei lets you add sellers to your platform automatically with our streamlined know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-business (KYB) verification processes. With Nuvei, your sellers will be in business within days!
  • Specialized marketplace API customized with your business brand
  • Upload identity documentation and enjoy automatic KYC and KYB
  • Track seller progress via your Control Panel
  • Localizable to any location – multiple languages, currencies, and APMs
  • Test environment, sandbox, and 24-hour technical support

Accept any type of payment

Make your marketplace truly global by offering all major world currencies and hundreds of alternative payment methods. Optimize payment acceptance with our smart routing engine and extensive global network of acquiring partners.
  • 550+ alternative payment methods
  • 150+ currencies
  • 200+ acquirers
  • 20+ languages

Search more than 550 payment methods

Split payments and real-time payouts

Simplify complex payment streams with split payments and enhanced payouts. Enable purchases from multiple sellers, confident that funds will be distributed automatically and accurately with built-in reconciliation.
  • Streamline checkout experiences for customers and sellers
  • Nuvei’s Payout Suite provides you with the world’s leading payout solutions through one integration – ACH, Visa Direct, Mastercard Send, Payoneer, and more
  • Operates across a myriad of locations, currencies and APMs
  • Define and manage your own marketplace fees

Full global compliance, as standard

Let us take on your regulatory burdens. No matter where you operate, or in how many countries, integration with Nuvei guarantees full compliance with financial and legal requirements. With Nuvei Marketplace, you can focus on doing what you do best!
  • PSD2 solution proven to increase conversions
  • PCI level 1 compliance
  • Agnostic tokenization
  • Built-in KYC and KYB processes

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Combat fraud

Marketplaces are more susceptible to fraud than single businesses - but Nuvei protects your ecosystem with a range of market-best solutions, including advanced chargeback protection and full case management via your back-office.
  • Customizable fraud engine
  • Real-time blocking and alerts
  • Advanced fraud detection models
  • Chargeback Suite prevents up to 40% of chargebacks

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Control Panel - don’t miss a thing
Stay on top of every aspect of your marketplace with our proprietary back-office. Granular reports let you keep track of seller accounts, customer behavior, volumes, chargebacks, transaction approval rates, and more.
  • Chargeback case management
  • Transaction reconciliation
  • View and manage multi-directional revenue flows and fraud attempts
  • Issue refunds, payouts, manage fees, adjust processes, and more
Great documentation, simple integration
The Marketplace RESTful API is the robust solution that facilitates the creation of a financial infrastructure for your platform simply, legally and reliably. With great documentation and top-of-the-line support services, testing, integration and processing is easy. The Marketplace API allows platforms to configure and customize the KYC.
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Configure KYC and onboarding
  • Design custom payment flows
  • Specify your payout methods
  • Test environment and sandbox

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“Nuvei helped us in organizing the contractual part and split payments on our ePRICE Marketplace. This greatly impacted our marketplace operation, shops, and customer satisfaction.”

Leonardo Costa
Head of ePRICE Marketplace at ePRICE