Cash in: Offer all the payment methods players demand

Offer players their preferred deposit method and react fast to developing trends by rapidly adding or removing payment methods. Launch into new markets seamlessly by offering regional payment methods that players know and trust.
  • 570+ local and alternative payment methods including ACH, digital wallets and real-time bank transfers in 150+ currencies
  • A single integration and contract for all payment methods with unified reporting
  • Take the next step with crypto: Fully compliant pay-in and pay out support for nearly 40 of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies

The winning strategy: Convert more players through payments

Payments is the final obstacle in acquiring new players, so you need to get it right. Boost your player conversion rates by ensuring depositing is easy and payment acceptance rates are optimized. We can also support you with a single full stack solution for payment acceptance via our direct acquiring service.
  • Connect to a global network of 200+ acquirers as well as our direct acquiring services
  • Smart transaction routing to boost card acceptance rates
  • Superior fraud detection minimizes false positives

Search more than 570 payment methods

Earn customer loyalty through fast and frictionless deposits and withdrawals

Keep your players coming back for more by offering them a seamless cash in and cash out experience over and over again. Our cashier technology puts payments in the background so players spend more time playing the games they love.
  • One click deposits for returning players
  • In-play quick deposit and smart suggested deposit amounts
  • Industry-first instant withdrawals via the RTP® network, seamlessly authenticated by Plaid
  • 99.999% uptime and 24/7/365 monitoring and support

Keep yourself and your players safe without compromising user experience

Our risk management and fraud prevention solutions empower operators by providing a full suite of customizable tools. Our solution is proven to mitigate payment fraud and chargebacks while providing a friction-free customer experience. Expand your global footprint and tap into new markets without compliance worries.
  • Highly configurable rules engine with over 200 combinations and parameters
  • Multiple layers of protection which prevent chargebacks before they happen and mitigate the damage of those that do
  • Tokenization technology that stops players’ financial data falling into the wrong hands
  • Integrated eKYC and AML compliance technology adapts to the different regulations of countries and regions, making it easier to enter new markets
The right payments partner to boost your revenues
Leverage our smart transaction routing engine to define, configure and manage your transactional routing in real time. Give your players a second chance if they abandon your checkout page by offering alternative ways to deposit.
  • Powerful routing engine to extract more revenue out of every transaction
  • Recover declined transactions with auto account updater technology and prompts to use alternative payment methods
  • Reconciliation Manager streamlines matching and reconciliation of payments across multiple providers in one central hub

“As we work towards further growing our gaming operations…it is essential for us to have a payment partner with the level of technology and capabilities required to flourish.”

Nicklas Zajdel
Group Chief Operating Officer of Fortuna Entertainment Group