Extract more revenue out of every transaction

Leverage our smart transaction routing engine to define, configure and manage your transactional routing in real time. Our Smart Routing Engine employs advanced AI predictions and historical data analysis and is proven to improve acceptance rates. So don’t leave money on the table, ever.
  • Increase authorization rates, minimize fees
  • Automatically cascade to backup providers
  • Reduce cost and optimize revenues
  • Enhance approvals and the customer experience

More flexibility than you can shake a stick at

Leverage our direct connectivity and wide network of acquiring partners to accept payments virtually anywhere in the world. Earn trust, improve conversion rates and increase sales by localizing your payments.
  • Acquirer agnostic, global gateway and technology
  • Servicing 200+ markets worldwide,
  • 570+ local and alternative payment methods and nearly 150 currencies
  • Transparent pricing for local and international payment methods
  • Unified reporting, transaction data and analytics across all service providers

Search more than 570 payment methods

Join the cryptocurrency revolution

We make it simple and secure for you to offer the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. Enjoy all the benefits CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized finance), safe in the knowledge that risk and compliance have been descoped to a trusted partner. Empower your customers with deep liquidity and lightspeed onramp rails.
  • Blockchain agnostic as we support all the leading protocols of the ecosystem
  • Pay-in and payout support for nearly 40 of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies
  • Zero risk, zero rolling reserve, zero chargebacks leveraging industry leading conversion & authorization rates
  • Customisable integration, flexible APIs, dynamic UX; so you are always in control
  • Seamless integration and simplified bank settlement

A platform that puts you in control of your payments strategy

Reconciliation Manager streamlines matching and reconciliation of payments across multiple providers in one central hub. More accuracy. More control. More revenue.
  • Recover lost revenue
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics
  • Provides actionable data
  • Enhance bookkeeping accuracy while freeing up resources

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Security, reliability and compliance are a given
We deliver maximum uptime, high-speed processing and a platform designed to handle large transaction volumes – while ensuring the utmost security in an ever-changing ecosystem.
  • Secure billing via tokenization and reduce your PCI scope
  • Reduce risk, chargebacks and simplify PCI DSS compliance mitigating threats before they become an issue
  • Automated customer authentication with unified reporting on all activities
  • Seamless eKYC and document uploading experience, so you are fully compliant with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations
  • 99.99% Uptime

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“We want our users to have a frictionless experience and be able to convert from fiat to crypto and back seamlessly. We are thrilled to partner with an innovative company like Nuvei to provide a reliable payment on and off-ramp for our users.”

Sam Bankman-Fried
Founder and CEO of FTX