Enhanced Authorizations

Get enhanced authorizations and move forward with confidence.

Increase your approval rates and optimize operating costs with innovative payments technology.

Enhanced authorizations with Nuvei

One platform. One partner.

Maximize transaction approval rates
Remove common payment barriers
Reduce operating costs
Extract more revenue out of each transaction
Smart transaction routing

Increase acceptance rates and reduce costs

Take control. Define, configure and manage your payment transactions in real time with our powerful routing engine. Advanced AI predictions and historical data analysis optimize payments through a set of rules applied in real-time and enables you to monitor each outcome. Create your own routing parameters determining how each payment transaction is processed – sending transactions to the most cost-efficient acquirer every time, increasing authorization approval rates and minimizing fees.
Reduce cross-border fees and qualify for the lowest interchange programs
Optimize conversions by routing transactions to the most cost-effective acquirer
Reduce losses and minimize risk of cardholder fraud
One-click payments

Convert more

Make it as simple as possible for your customers to complete a transaction with one-click payments. Our proven tool is designed to improve ecommerce conversion rates while reducing friction at that critical checkout stage.
Retain more customers
Initiate fast repeat checkouts
Enhance the customer payment experience
Decline recovery and partial approval

Never miss an opportunity

Prevent cart abandonment with our automatic decline recovery solution. Designed to increase approval rates, it triggers an automatic response upon refusal, enabling customers to select another payment method or to be connected to your support team.
Improve chances of transaction approval
Maximize revenue opportunities
Drive greater conversions
Localized payment pages

Enhance your customer payment experience

Increase your acceptance rates both locally and globally by customizing your customers’ payment experience according to their location, language and local currency.
Dynamically generated by client location
Lowers cross-border fees
Obtains higher success rates and reduces chargebacks
Dynamic currency conversion

Create a frictionless checkout

Make it easy for your customers to buy with Nuvei’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). DCC provides international customers an improved checkout experience by offering the convenience of paying in their local currency.
Better service to your international customers
Automatically detects eligible cards to be converted
Earn a percentage from every DCC transaction processed
Can help to reduce disputes and chargebacks
Uniting consulting and technology

Everything you need to succeed

By uniting payment consulting and payment technology, we help you optimize operating costs, increase acceptance rates, and extract more revenue out of each transaction.
Easily test international markets
Reduce costs through efficient FX management
No foreign bank accounts or infrastructure
Complete online reporting and analytics
Seamless shopping cart integration