uLawPractice is a cloud-based practice management and legal accounting software that saves time, money, and effort for law firms of all sizes. uLawPractice was developed by law professionals and tech entrepreneurs who envisioned creating a tool that effectively managed the day-to-day operations of a law practitioner. The cloud-based solution has integrated one-click form automation, simplified trust and general accounting capabilities, and robust matter analytics to enhance law offices across the country.


uLaw wanted to provide a complete, end-to-end service for their clients and recognized the importance of incorporating payment processing to their email invoices. As a cloud-based service, they needed a provider who could integrate seamlessly to their platform and provide a consistent, connected experience for their clients.

Key considerations included:

  • Commitment and Collaboration
  • Simple Integration
  • Single Point of Connectivity
  • Secure Payment Technology
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Trust & PCI Compliance
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Partner Relationship Management


Nuvei’s advanced API made it easy to integrate payments to uLawPractice, helping legal professionals to reduce their costs as well as increase revenue by converting unbillable to billable time.

Learn more about uLaw at ulaw.io