How to Build Customer Relationships for Business Success

How to Build Customer Relationships for Business Success

It is well known that people prefer to do business with people and brands they genuinely like. So how do you build real relationships with your clientele?

How to Build Customer Relationships for Business Success

It is well known that people tend to do business with people and brands they like. Let us take the restaurant industry as an example. When the restaurants were ordered to shut their doors for quarantine, many of them started offering takeout and delivery options. This has not replaced their usual revenue stream, but it was enough for some of them to survive the first lockdown. Their secret? Loyal client base who kept ordering from them, even though they could no longer enjoy a special vibe and a lively atmosphere of the establishment itself.

So how do you build real relationships with your clientele?

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As a business, you must set up proper channels to communicate with your customers. Like with building a long-lasting friendship, the key is communicating, getting to know each other, and eventually forming that special connection that is so hard to come by. Use everything at your disposal to keep talking to your customers. Continuous communication is key.

Utilize your customers’ contact information

It is a common business practice to collect contact information such as email addresses from your customers. You can then use it to keep in touch, send birthday cards, industry or product-related newsletters, and important service notifications. Make sure your communications are well-timed and relevant to the receiver.


Use social media

Many businesses successfully use social media to build relationships with their clients. You do not have to invest in expensive content if you do not have a separate budget for this. Just grab your cellphone and record a quick “hello” video for your clients. Let them find out who you are and what your business is about. Keep them updated on what’s going on with you, your industry, and your business,

Keep it real

More and more studies show that people no longer react favorably when they see hired models presenting products. They simply do not relate to this type as they used to. The social media and advertising industry is being taken over by real people generating genuine candid content. People that your clients can relate to. Encourage your employees to generate content. They are the experts in your field and they will be able to present your brand much better than hired actors.

What do you think ?

What’s in it for them?

Make sure to keep a healthy ratio between advertising your products and making a genuine effort to connect with your audience. By following your page or agreeing to receive emails from you, your clients show you that they are open to getting to know you and your brand. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Know what your clients think

You need to know how your customers feel about you and your product to successfully grow your business. Make sure to take any opportunity to speak to your customers in person and via email and messages. Use surveys to collect feedback and identify areas of improvement. Your customers’ feedback is key!

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Provide excellent customer service

Providing great customer service is all about patience, expertise, respect, and trust. Invest in employee training that will teach them some key emotional intelligence skills that will help them to be understanding and to quickly resolve any potential issues. Good customer service goes a long way.

Offer extra perks to your most loyal customers

It might seem like an additional expense, but it will payout in the long run. Offer something extra to your most loyal promoters. Those are the people who will spread the word and recommend your business to their friends, family, and business associates. Make them feel special because they are.

Be a part of the community

Remember all the people in your community who asked your business to support their fundraising efforts or to help fund a local initiative? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to support your people. Supporting an important cause feels great and some extra publicity never hurt anyone. Donate or volunteer your time next time an opportunity presents itself. Encourage your employees to join you as well and don’t forget to create some fun social media content around your event.

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