Advanced Payment
Technology & Security

It’s that easy.

Wireless Terminals
Untangle yourself from desktop point of sale devices

Our mobile payment solutions enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go.

No matter where your business takes you, take full advantage of wireless connectivity. Accept payments on to go, at events or right in your vehicle, all while reducing communication costs.

  • Perfect solution for hospitality, restaurant or travel businesses
  • Connected via Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth
  • Automated currency conversion
Mobile POS
Transform your mobile device into a payment terminal

Connects with smartphones and tablets using your choice of Bluetooth or audio jack technology. A removable sticky pad is available to firmly adhere the Bluetooth version to a device for convenience.

Easy-to-use APIs and SDKs for rapid payment integration. Walker supports OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware and key injection updates, providing frictionless field-level changes.

  • Accepts EMV Chip & Sign and Magstripe cards
  • EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth or audio jack
  • Encryption technology provides secure, reliable operation in mPOS applications
Payment Links
Send a link and get paid

Create a secure payment link and send it through any channel that suits you: SMS, MMS, social media or email. Customers can even scan a QR code to access the links.

No website is required, we host the entire checkout experience. Now, you can send a secure payment link to anyone through any channel.

  • Increase your revenue
  • Provide amazing omnichannel payment experiences
  • Quick, easy and always up to date
QR Code
Easily accept QR code payments

Easily accept payments from customers with a QR code. Once scanned, the link redirects the customer to a secure payment page.

Begin accepting QR code payments wherever you are: operating a rideshare service, a pop-up shop or an outdoor market. Accept all major card schemes and popular payment methods.

  • Offer payment convenience via QR codes
  • Enables your customers to pay immediately
  • Get notified instantly upon payment confirmation
  • No technical integration required
In-app checkout that drives growth

Support all popular mobile wallets including Google Pay™️ and Apple Pay™️ and deliver on what your customers want: an easy in-app payment experience.

Take advantage of amazing features designed to remove payment barriers and boost conversions.

  • Always secure
  • Powerful revenue driver
  • No technical integration required
Apple Pay & Google Pay
Boost Conversions with Digital Wallets

Nuvei’s digital wallet service enables merchants to seamlessly accept Apple PayTM and Google PayTM online, in-app or at the point of sale. Increase conversion rate, new user acquisition, and purchase frequency by implementing mobile wallets.

  • Developer-friendly — our API makes it easy to integrate
  • Faster, simpler checkout to reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Powerful security and privacy features protects your clients and your business
Apple Pay & Google Pay