Young professional lady is working from home during the lockdown. Cosy home office with snacks and calming atmosphere.

How to Cope With the Second Lockdown

When the first lockdown started, many people moved their social interactions to zoom. It was something different and interesting to try because nobody knew that this state of things will continue for many months.

Summer 2020 gave us a little break with the number of cases and hospitalization stabilizing and some of the restrictions lifted. The second wave lockdown was expected but did not make it easier to deal with. Let’s take a look at a few things that you could try during the second lockdown to make it better.


Limit your screen time

We spend most of the day in front of the screen. While at the office we were able to take a pause and chat with our colleagues over a coffee break, now all we do is look at the screen all day. Psychologists around the world agree that too much screen time is bad for our mental health and once the workday is over, it’s best to switch to non-digital activities.

Unplug from the news and Social Media for a weekend

Give yourself two days with no news or social media. Every time we go online, we are getting bombarded with negative information. There is a reason for that. Bad news make a much better click-bait than the good ones. Try to go without it for one weekend to give yourself a break.

Try to accomplish some projects that do not require using technology. Crafting, reading a book, cooking, going for a walk, going to bed early, all are great alternatives to spending time on social media.


Try new recipes from around the world

While in lockdown, every day might feel the same. A fun diverse menu can help you to get excited about your meals. Break the routine by organizing themed days. Try to make Peruvian, Ethiopian, Iranian, or Mediterranean meal for your next dinner to switch things up.

Call your friends the old fashion way

Zoom fatigue is a real thing. You do not need to zoom-call people to have a nice meaningful conversation. Hearing their voice is enough. Schedule a call and pick a few interesting topics to discuss to avoid the usual “what’s new?”. Hint: probably nothing because of lockdown. Try to avoid talking about COVID. Instead, pick some philosophical or psychological topics that you both would enjoy.

Go down the memory lane

Start a paper journal to document your fondest memories and your wildest adventures. People at the end of their lives often regret not writing things down. Memories fade and get forgotten, and when you are old, your memories are all you have. Writing things down will help you trigger your memory and remember the brightest moments of your life. Which will without doubt make you smile.



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