White paper: The evolving needs of marketplaces

White paper: The evolving needs of marketplaces

Leveraging payment technology as a growth catalyst

Nuvei in partnership with Edgar, Dunn & Company

Marketplaces are dominating online sales. With the rapid success comes new challenges, and leading marketplaces have become very competitive in order to retain their clientele and stay relevant. Expanding their product selection and services, and focusing on their UX has become a main focus. The payment journey, is perhaps no less important than the shopping experience, and Nuvei shares in their marketplace white paper what separates the latest technology from the outdated.

Yes, payments need to be optimized for the buyer, but also for the sellers and the marketplace. Nuvei knows the ecosystem, and how to seamlessly maximize profitability for all parties involved, while providing secure and friction-free process for the buyer.


Download the white paper to discover about:

  • Frictionless onboarding, efficient and automated KYC/KYB
  • Optimizing checkout (pay-in) to increase conversion
  • Providing efficient flow management and financial reconciliation
  • Delivering fast and convenient pay-outs
  • Simplifying and externalizing compliance with international and local regulations
  • Performing proactive fraud management
  • Ensuring efficient internal processes

Marketplaces have revolutionized the way people shop online, and now they need to be prepared with scalable solutions. Those that want to position themselves as innovation leaders need to partner with the experts. Nuvei is here to optimize your payments, and to give you an unrivaled checkout experience.

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