Project Management Tips for Your Business

Having a detailed plan is one of the key elements of a successful project. More companies every year invest in Project Management as they realize the importance of it in a business world. Project Management is the answer to a lot of questions as it can make virtually any “hell of a mess” project organized, structured and scalable. Project Management increases efficiency and allows your business to accomplish more with fewer resources. It allows you to work smarter rather than harder. Let’s have a look at a few useful tips and see how your business can benefit from Project Management.

Project Management is the discipline of planning and organizing a company’s resources to execute a given project from start to finish.

Each project consists of 4 phases: planning, implementation, evaluation and closure. The evaluation phase can be repeated a few times as you go back to re-evaluate the efficiency and work on improvements to the process. The project process almost never stays the same as you progress and make it more efficient with each new repetition.

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Map Out a Project

Start the planning phase by understanding the core of the problem you are trying to solve by completing the project. You should be able to explain how each process contributes to the identified solution. Define objectives, people and resources involved in the project. Assess available time and money that you are willing to invest into the completion of a given project. Build a workflow – a progression of steps for each process. Create a timeline and set deadlines. Don’t worry about being precise as your timeline will change a few times after you implement and test the process.

Assign and Communicate Tasks

After outlining the order and structure for each process, start assigning tasks to particular individuals in your company. Make sure your employees understand which tasks they own and the deadlines they must meet in order for your plan to work. Clearly communicate your plan to everyone involved in the project directly and indirectly, to ensure a general understanding of the end goal and a smooth transition of each task from one owner to the next.

Implement, Evaluate, Close

Now that you’ve finished the planning phase and everything is in place, it’s time to implement your project. Time is of the essence, so don’t worry about everything being perfect. The sooner you start testing, the sooner you will identify what needs to be fixed. Pay close attention to each stage of the process and remember that finding errors is a good thing. It’s not that you haven’t thought of something or made a mistake, it’s just a part of the improvement process. Once you run the process from initiation to completion, go ahead and evaluate your initial results. Put together a list of items that you could have done better. Check what hasn’t worked and understand why. Implement adjustments and run another test. Repeat as needed until you get the optimal result.

Technology to Your Advantage

Even if you don’t have a budget for advanced Project Management software, there are plenty of free tools you could use. There are free resources that could help you with tracking deadlines, mapping out workflows, assigning tasks, breaking down massive workloads into smaller tasks, keeping your project group connected, storing and sharing project documents and many other things. Do your online research and you will uncover many useful (and free) Project Management tools including the likes of Trello and Asana!

Even the most basic office tools like Excel, Google Docs and Skype can help you make your project a success. We suggest you give Project Management a try! It will change the way you tackle each new challenge and will give you a much better approach to complex tasks.


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