Meet Our Contact Center Team

Our Contact Center team is your first point of contact here at Nuvei. Team members are experts in their field and are happy to help you with your inquiries 24/7.

As the face and voice of our company, Client Care agents have one of the most important roles in the company. They are the ones who build our identity and define how you (our merchants) see us.

Being on the phone in a support role is a demanding task. On average, each agent takes 25 calls per day, spanning a variety of case types. Our agents receive extensive training which covers the different elements that make up the complex payment processing industry.

The Contact Center representatives are great multi-taskers and problem-solvers. They use several systems and resources to get the information you need. This expertise comes with experience. Most of our agents have seen and fixed every possible terminal and/or system issue multiple times, so rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Our Contact Center team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to funding and billing questions. They have numerous tools to locate a missing transaction or lost batch. They have access to multiple systems allowing them to trace each transaction from the moment your terminal obtained an authorization, to the moment it becomes a deposit in your bank account.

Call Centre Support Girl with Headphones

We strive to deliver “First Call Resolution.” That means having all your questions answered during the initial call so you don’t have to call us back. Our agents are trained to anticipate future needs and they do their very best to address those needs while they have you on the phone.

The Contact Center team operates out of two offices – Montreal, Quebec, and Scottsdale, Arizona, so we are able to provide great service coast to coast.

We asked a few of our Merchant Support experts to share their thoughts on being a Contact Center representative.

Q: What are the things you look forward to when starting your day?
A: Hussein – “I’m always looking for a way to make the work environment fun. I try to answer all of my calls with a smile. I also look forward to the free coffee!”

Q: What would be your advice to someone who just started in the Contact Center team?
A: Nicolas –“ASK QUESTIONS! Even if you think it’s a dumb question or it isn’t important, better to ask when you just start rather than a few months down the road when you’re expected to know already.”
A: Hussein –“The best advice I would give to someone that just started working here is to take it one call at a time and focus all your attention on a specific task in hand. Don’t let the call volume stress you out.”

Q: If you had one thing you wanted the merchants to understand or advice you’d give them to make the call go easy and smooth for all parties, what would that be?
A: Nicolas –“Communication is key! Both parties understanding what the issue is and what’s needed to be done to fix it helps on so many levels, whether that be avoiding multiple calls or just creating a rapport. Proper dialogue is the best way to get things done.”
A: Enrique –“Mutual understanding and listening to each other is important. When merchants understand that our main priority is to make sure their business runs as smoothly as possible, the call goes fast and easy.”


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