Learn How to Make Payments Faster and Simpler With Nuvei’s In-App Payments

Learn How to Make Payments Faster and Simpler With Nuvei’s In-App Payments

Make your customers’ lives easier by offering them mobile payments—your business will profit from it.

Customers today use mobile payments more than ever to make eCommerce and even in-store purchases. Everyone has a smartphone now. A research study published by Pymnts.com states that the overall share of consumers with Apple Pay-capable smartphones alone rose to 36 percent worldwide in 2020, up from 34.8 percent in 2019.

As store and payment apps emerge and grow, mobile payments have become an incredibly convenient way to pay for almost anything, from almost anywhere. 33% of smartphone users in the United States are expected to assess proximity mobile payments by 2023, up from 29% in 2019. Offering mobile payments makes your customers’ lives easier, and your business more profitable. If you do not offer a simple, convenient mobile payment option, you will fall behind your competition. By connecting your payment processing with Apple Pay and Google Pay, Nuvei helps you reach more customers and boost your sales potential.

Faster and Simpler Payment Options

Millions of customers already use Apple and Google Pay. Rather than having to adjust to a new processing system, they can simply use the tools available to them to checkout through your payment processing. This reduces the time they have to spend paying and makes the entire process easier. Providing this option to your customers, therefore, lets them move through checkout more quickly and easily, reducing shopping cart abandonment. You boost your sales simply by keeping customers long enough to complete a purchase.
At Nuvei, our Android as well as iOS API makes it simple and quick to integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay for payments in-app. Offer an effortless, simple, and secure checkout experience in minutes.

Seamless Integration

Google’s enormous reach into the market also helps you integrate the processing into your solution. Apple on the other hand with millions of potential customers on iOS devices, provides an opportunity for frictionless and seamless checkouts. Customers who reach you through Google, Android, iOS, or any browser can use it, so you don’t have to take extra steps to integrate the payments into what you do. However, and wherever your customers want to pay, they can use Apple or Google Pay to connect to you and make in-app, online, and in-store purchases.

Extra Layers of Security

Risk of fraud is greatly reduced when using Apple Pay due to the requirement of biometrics to complete the transaction. Apple Pay tokenizes card data to secure customer details. By transforming a card number into a virtual token, its offers customers a stress-free way to pay. Google Pay on the other hand reached its market position in part because of its focus on security. The system safely stores payment information, and only shares what is necessary to complete a given transaction, letting your customers maintain the peace of mind that comes from using a trusted process that maintains their protection as well.

Developer-Friendly Process

Nuvei’s API makes it easy for app developers to integrate and use Apple Pay and Google Pay. It quickly and efficiently detects whether a given device is compatible with Android or iOS and whether the payment card is activated there. Integration works automatically from your point of view, simplifying your process and getting you up and running quickly. You’ll spend less time on technological battles; time you can focus instead on driving more sales.

Better Customer Experience

More payment options create happier customers. Enabling mobile payments lets your customers shop from home, in the parking lot, or at the point of sale. When you give that level of choice, you leave a lasting positive impression.

Nuvei’s product and development teams strive endlessly to offer unparalleled payment processing capabilities, because when transactions work frictionlessly, we all come out ahead. By using our API to integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay into your payment systems, we open up an option that helps you serve customers everywhere efficiently and securely. Reach out today to learn how integrating with Nuvei’s in-app payments can help you continue to grow.

Motiebring headshot Shaun McDonald is Nuvei’s VP, Product. With Nuvei since its inception, Shaun has 20 years of end-to-end experience in payments with a focus on fintech product and project management, reporting and analytics. With extensive technical knowledge and payment industry expertise in both the US & Canada, Shaun’s insights and team management have been invaluable to providing Nuvei’s clients maximum product lifecycle value.


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