How Our Risk Team Helps Merchants Prevent Losses

Our Risk team works diligently to protect our merchants, cardholders and ourselves (Nuvei) from financial losses and other business setbacks.

Transaction review is one of the most important tasks our risk team performs daily. It plays a vital role in protecting our merchants from fraud and potential chargebacks. Additionally, reviewing account’s processing activities allow risk analysts to better understand individual business needs and provide world-class service to our merchants.

When merchants sign up for payment processing services with Nuvei, they are asked to provide detailed information regarding their business model. Other Information like industry type, products & services, where and how their business operates, expected processing volume, average transaction size and more are taken from merchants. Each and every merchant account is created based on the information provided on the application.

As most businesses are expected to grow and change over time, their processing profile changes as well. In order to support new processing needs, our risk team might request additional information to better understand the current state of the business. The risk team also provides relevant information and resources to help merchants meet new requirements.

Occasionally, our risk team may need to verify a “larger than normal” transaction to address specific areas of concern. In case our risk analysts review unusual activity on the account, they would request supporting documentation to verify the transaction in question. Some transactions may indicate the threat of being targeted by malicious actors. Our risk team’s goal is to minimize the account’s exposure to fraudulent activities.

Woman in office with sample invoice document on computer

Common information our analysts may request includes invoices, signed contracts, proof of delivery and customer’s contact information (billing address along with the phone number). This information is needed in order to verify that the registered cardholder is aware of the sale and/or is satisfied with the purchase or order. By confirming this information proactively, the risk team can help reduce the possibility of a chargeback. If fraudulent activity has occurred, the analyst can assist the merchant with mitigating additional loss.

Our Risk Department takes great pride in protecting our merchants and providing world-class service. While they understand that being asked to provide additional information can be an inconvenience, their goal is always to protect our merchants from a potential loss.


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