7 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are numerous reasons why customers may change their mind half way through the purchasing process. Let’s have a look:


In today’s fast paced environment, online shoppers often have a few tabs open during the purchase process. They compare products from different vendors on the go, so if your website is too slow or crashing, your patrons might not have enough patience to complete the order. The majority of online shoppers nowadays are savvy technology users and prefer to shop using their mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile friendly and bug-free every step of the way.

Clear pricing

One of the most upsetting things in a shoppers’ experience is facing additional fees and unexpected costs at the check-out stage. Be upfront with your pricing. Explain shipping options in detail and display shipping fees clearly.


Card brands such as Visa and MasterCard employ “zero liability” policy when it comes to online purchases made by their cardholders. It basically means that cardholders are not liable for fraudulent transactions processed on their card without their authorization. Even though paying with a credit card is safe, many consumers are still concerned with the level of security of the website they shop on. Make your patrons feel safe spending money by making your website look trustworthy and legit. Display a clear privacy policy and add security logos and buttons.

Cart editing

Editing your order could be painful if you have to start the selection process all over again. Make editing your shopping cart easy and seamless and the chances that your patrons will stick with the order will improve.


Clear return policy

Give your clients confidence when it comes to returning purchases they are not happy with. It’s easier to buy a product if you have an option to return it.

Positive feedback

Let your patrons rate the products and encourage them to leave testimonials. Provide detailed images and a description for each product. It will allow your clients to confirm that the product they bought is “just as on the picture” which will give confidence to other potential shoppers.

Guest shopping

Allow your customers to complete their order using a guest profile. Collecting their email information is important to build that long term relationship and be able to send them offer specials, but don’t make it a requirement.

Look at your shopping cart abandonment as an opportunity to improve your patrons’ experience by applying these 7 suggestions.


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