5 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience

our Customer Experience team attended the Loyalty Expo in Orlando, Florida, a “voice of the customer” driven loyalty conference. It was an amazing experience and we are grateful for the opportunity to see market leaders share their insights, strategies and expertise. More than anything, being a part of the Expo reassured us that we are on the right track when we put you, our merchants, in the center of our operations. We listen to you when you give us feedback via customer satisfaction surveys and we respond by implementing your feedback into our daily practices. We would like to share our expertise with you with these 5 basic tips.

Listen to your customers

It seems like such a basic recommendation, but a lot of companies still assume they know what their clients want instead of asking them. Each product or service solves a specific need and who else if not a consumer would know what they need best? Keep this in mind before launching something new or making changes to an existing product or service.

Implement NPS metrics

If you are not doing it already, you should start surveying your clients. The valuable feedback you get from them is extremely important. Make sure to add the NPS (Net Promoter Score) question. It will help you understand how your business is doing. The NPS is an index from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of your customers to recommend your company to their friends and family.

On a scale from 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend ABC service to your friend?


Happy customers mean repeated business and referrals. Unhappy ones are the best source of useful feedback for your business. Work all three categories of the survey responders, as each category provides amazing insights into your business.

Train your staff

Remember that it’s essential to train your staff on what customer experience is and what customers expect from your business. Your employees are key to driving customer satisfaction. Loyal and committed employees that believe in your company and your mission will treat your customers and effectively communicate their feedback back to you, so you could improve further.

Create engagement

Personalized business relationships create loyalty and mutual understanding between you and your clients. Make sure your customers receive consistently great service, record previous interactions, so your returning clients don’t have to start from scratch and repeat their story all over again to a new employee. Get to know them and help them create this long-term personal human connection with your brand.

Use social media

Social media is a great way to connect and communicate with your clients in real-time. Social media also allows you to see who your customers are and get a glimpse of what their lifestyle and interests are. It’s worth it to invest in hiring an amazing Social Media guru. They will help you build your brand reputation and create a personal connection with your clients.


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