5 Reasons Your Patrons Use Credit Cards

Credit cards offer a large number of perks to its holders when used responsibly. Paying for your purchases with a credit card is much more beneficial than paying with a debit card or cash. That is if you pay off the card’s balance on time. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using credit cards and see what it’s all about.


Depending on a cashback program cardholders can get up to 5% cash back on their purchases. Imagine using your credit card for all your groceries throughout a year? It adds up! Capital One card, for example, can earn its holder on average $230 in cash back per year.


The point system allows cardholders to earn points for each dollar spent and when they reach a certain threshold they can redeem those points for gift cards at the stores participating in the program. Many cardholders use points closer to the end of the year to buy holiday gifts for their loved ones.


Did you know that Visa and MasterCard employ a “zero liability” policy for all purchases made on a credit card? That’s correct! Cardholders are not responsible for any unauthorized transactions on their account. Paying with a credit card helps cardholders avoid losses and gives them the confidence to spend money. If a debit card is used fraudulently it may take a substantial amount of time before the missing funds are reverted back to the account. With a credit card, it is much easier, because all a cardholder has to do is call their bank and report an unauthorized transaction.

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It can get complicated to book flights, hotels, and rent cars if you don’t own a credit card. The majority of hotels ask you for your credit card number before they make a reservation. Many credit cards come with some kind of travel or car rental insurance as well and some of them also help you collect frequent travel air-miles on each dollar spent. It comes especially handy if you travel for work and get the company to reimburse the money spent after.

Credit history

And last but not least, credit cards, as opposed to debit cards, help you build your credit card history. A credit score is an important part of everyone’s financial life. If it’s good, it helps to get a better rate when you’re applying for a loan or getting a mortgage on the house.

The bottom line is that as long as credit cards are used responsibly, they bring nothing but benefits to their holders. That’s why credit cards’ popularity, especially reward based ones has been on the rise in recent years with no intention of slowing down.


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