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Payment Processing

The Impact of Payment Processing on the Economy

Debit and credit cards are not just a convenient way to pay;…

How Our Risk Team Helps Merchants Prevent Losses
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Our Risk team works diligently to protect our merchants, cardholders and ourselves…

7 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
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High shopping cart abandonment rate is an unpleasant reality for many Ecomm…

5 Reasons Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards

If you didn't offer gift cards this past holiday season, you might…

Why prepaid? What you need to know about prepaid cards

Prepaid debit cards have been around for over 10 years and used…

What you Need to Know about Pricing Structures on the Market

A sales force is the life blood of every company. They are…

Benefits of Accepting Rewards Based Credit Cards

Our merchants often ask us how credit card types and brands differ…

How a Virtual Terminal Benefits Your Business

Are you in a business-to-business industry? Do you often receive MOTO (Mail…

3 Stages of a Credit Card Transaction Cycle

A credit card transaction goes through many stages before it hits your…

Why You Should Think Recurring Billing

Recurring billing happens when your customer pre-authorizes you to automatically bill their…