Security & Risk Management with Nuvei

We make it ultra-secure

Nuvei’s Security & Risk Management service provides merchants with the highest level of card processing security available.

  • Secure customer transactions
  • Reduce PCI liability
  • Protect your brand

Handle it all!

Our real-time fraud detection and scoring engine stops transaction fraud before it can take place.
Our P2PE and EMV certified payment apps comply with the industry’s most strict retail security standards.
Our expert staff can help you reduce risk, chargebacks and simplify PCI compliance.
Our fraud prevention suite is enhanced with advanced technologies such as: Tokenization, 3D Secure AVS and CVV.

Fraud Detection & Scoring Engine

Safer, smarter payment processing, built right into our platform.

Nuvei’s advanced decisioning platform helps stop online fraud by assigning a Risk Score to each transaction. Our fraud detection and scoring engine automatically determines the risk of every transaction, so you can rest easy. Accept payments knowing you have the highest level of card processing security available.

  • Reduce chargebacks by identifying and flagging risky orders
  • Respond to new fraud trends as they come online, automatically
  • Set rules whether to accept, reject or manually review transactions
  • Matches IP address to region, BIN to country, high risk IPs, proxies and more

Encryption (P2PE)

Nuvei provides secure integration and offers the payment technology that keeps business owners and their customers’ transactions safe, while maximizing flexibility at the point of sale. With P2PE, cardholder data is scrambled in a way that renders it unusable without a special decryption key located safely with the processor. The encrypted data is sent to a point of secure decryption outside the merchant’s environment.

  • Reduce or shift fraud liability in case of a data breach
  • Reduce effort and cost for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • Cloud-based software updates prepare businesses for new threats
  • No added middleware or third party security solution required

Risk Management & Chargeback Resolution

We are your eyes and ears for everything related to payment security and compliance.

Nuvei’s in-house risk and compliance specialists ensure our partners receive the highest level of support available. As a participating organization member of the PCI Security Standards Council, our goal is to help merchants mitigate threats before they become an issue. Custom programs are also available to those who qualify for risk reduction efforts. Contact us to learn more today.

Along with our experienced staff, our Merchant Dashboard alerts merchants of chargebacks, should they occur, and offers tools to assist in disputing or resolving them, quickly and efficiently.

  • In-house risk and compliance departments safeguarding accounts
  • Vulnerability scanning and data incident management programs
  • Self-service tools to ensure PCI compliance, saving time and money
  • Chargeback alerts and management tools built into our Merchant Dashboard
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from Day One

As a network created to better serve each and every one of our partners, we deliver the best payment assistance and support in the industry. How? We focus on what matters: responsiveness, flexibility, attentiveness, and accountability. We have specialized support teams that are expertly trained to provide you with the best service there is.

  • North American Contact Center
  • Support Online, by Email or Telephone
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Chargeback Management

But it Doesn't Stop There

We support our partners with innovative programs designed to fuel their business’ growth and success.

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In-app, mobile and browser transaction billing to reduce checkout friction.

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