Merchant Account Comparison Guide & Checklist

The following are some important points to consider when choosing or switching payment processors.

Does the processor provide…

  1. Flexible Payment Options for Terminals
    Are you locked into long-term rental contracts? Or does the processor provide you with options to buy or lease-to-own terminals?
  2. Future-Proof Terminals
    Are the terminals designed to accept chip technology? Or will you be forced to upgrade at a considerable expense in the future?
  3. Meet or Beat Pricing
    Is the processor flexible in providing you the best available rate for your business? Can you get the best rate without having to go through a lot of red-tape or meeting very strict conditions?
  4. Quick Access to Cash
    Does the processor provide flexible financing to help grow your business? Are there restrictions or interest charges placed on loans, or can you get a loan that is free from fixed payments, timeframes and interest?
  5. Ease of Integration
    Do you need to change your existing setup? Does the processor integrate with your existing system or customized setup? Can you easily import/export your existing customer database files?
  6. Real-time Reporting
    Can you follow your business performance anytime, from anywhere? Can you export business reports in your preferred file formats (XML, Excel, PDF, etc.)?
  7. Security and PCI Compliance
    Does the processor use sophisticated fraud and security tools to protect your business and your clients? Do they meet all PCI standards, allowing your business to benefit from additional reliability?
  8. Gateway with Recurring Billing, Re-billing and Customizable User Access Levels
    Can you manage recurring payments to avoid potential errors? Can you immediately process transactions from repeat customers, without re-entering customer information?
  9. Dedicated Merchant Support
    Can the processor help you deal with any issue, including chargeback resolution, risk monitoring, etc.? Are they available 365 days/year?
  10. Fully Redundant System
    Does the processor have backup servers, to avoid downtime and keep your business up and running 365 days/year?

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