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The Impact of Payment Processing on the Economy

Debit and credit cards are not just a convenient way to pay;…

How to Pick the Correct Type of SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) for Your Business

Data breach is a serious matter of concern for any business. Large…

Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses
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As AI becomes more affordable, it will start playing a bigger role…

6 Employee Engagement Trends in 2019
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When employees are truly engaged, they are actively involved in the life…

Talents of Nuvei: Graphic Novel Business

Bradley Fenton is the Social Media and Email Marketing Manager at Nuvei.…

Merchant Business School: Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing
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In the present era, using digital marketing to grow one’s business is…

Talents of Nuvei: Samara Davis

Samara Davis is a boarding specialist here at Nuvei. She’s also the…

Merchant Business School: How to Build a Community Around Your Business
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Building a community around your business is always a great idea. Community…

How Our Risk Team Helps Merchants Prevent Losses
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Our Risk team works diligently to protect our merchants, cardholders and ourselves…

Backup Withholding

The IRS may impose "backup withholding" for merchants that have not filed…