Grow Your Business With Business Coach

Business Coach is a powerful business tool. It’s designed to help grow your business by increasing sales and fostering long-term brand loyalty. Business Coach is a part of your Merchant Dashboard reporting portal, where your monthly merchant statements are found. You can access it by simply logging into your Merchant Dashboard account using your usual credentials.

With today’s advanced technology, every purchase paid for by card leaves an electronic trace. Card brands like Visa and MasterCard know when and where their cardholders shop and what they buy.

Having access to this valuable data can give you a notable competitive advantage because understanding your customers’ shopping habits is essential to your business’ success.

Business Coach provides this information to you in an easy and user-friendly format along with great recommendations and actionable items, so you can make better business decisions.

African woman talking with friend inside busy coffee shop

Let’s Have a Look at a Coffee Shop Example

A small neighborhood coffee shop (let’s call it Kava) sells coffee and pastries. How can they increase sales using Business Coach?

First, they need to understand the level of engagement of their clientele. Business Coach breaks their customers down into four categories.

First-Time – made their first purchase
Repeat – have been making purchases regularly
At Risk – have been making fewer purchases
Dormant – haven’t made a purchase in a while

Business Coach offers a few strategies on how to deal with each category.

  • How to turn first-timers into repeat customers
  • How to get the dormant ones to come back
  • How to encourage repeat clients to continue buying from the business
  • How to inspire the “at risk” patrons to buy more

Using valuable suggestions and concrete actionable items, Kava can now make changes to the way they communicate with their customers. They could launch a loyalty program or run a promotion and watch the trends change week after week.

Isn’t it exciting to be able to get help growing your business for a monthly price of a few cups of coffee?


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