Mobile Payments with Nuvei

Instant & secure mobile
payment processing

Use the same payment technology as thriving brands.
Payment links, QR code and in-app checkout
Quick and easy
No coding required
Enhanced security
Integrate with Nuvei

Advanced Payment
Technology & Security

It’s that easy.
Payment Links
Send a link and get paid.

Create a secure payment link and send it through any channel that suits you: SMS, MMS, social media or email. Customers can even scan a QR code to access the links.

No website is required, we host the entire checkout experience. Now, you can send a secure payment link to anyone through any channel.

  • Increase your revenue
  • Provide amazing omnichannel payment experiences
  • Quick, easy and always up to date
QR Code
Easily accept QR code payments

Easily accept payments from customers with a QR code. Once scanned, the link redirects the customer to a secure payment page.

Begin accepting QR code payments wherever you are: operating a rideshare service, a pop-up shop or an outdoor market. Accept all major card schemes and popular payment methods.

  • Offer payment convenience via QR codes
  • Enables your customers to pay immediately
  • Get notified instantly upon payment confirmation
  • No technical integration required
In-app checkouts that drive growth

Support all popular mobile wallets including Google Pay™️ and Apple Pay™️ and deliver on what your customers want: an easy in-app payment experience.

Take advantage of amazing features designed to remove payment barriers and boost conversions.

  • Always secure
  • Powerful revenue driver
  • No technical integration required

Fully supported from day one

À la carte offering
Transparent rates
Global teams with round-the-clock service
24/7/365 transaction monitoring and support
Industry-specific expertise
many more
Personalized assistance
From the get-go, you’ll notice that we do things differently. We make things happen, raising the bar for payment processing. It’s as simple as that!
  • Competitive credit card processing rates
  • User-friendly online reporting
  • Free rate analysis
  • Easy setup with no hidden fees
Be up and running in just a FEW CLICKS.
Simple. Affordable. No hidden fees.
  • Competitive credit card processing rates
  • User-friendly online reporting
  • Free rate analysis
  • Easy setup with no hidden fees

Compliance and security
with integrated fraud management

We make it easy for you to comply with regional regulatory requirements and enhance security.

Fraud rule engine
PSD2 and SCA
PCI management
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