Nuvei's Preparedness for
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have been closely monitoring the evolution of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and I would like to reassure our employees, customers, partners and families that your health and safety remain our top priority. We are committed to our global teams and the communities in which we serve.

We continue to be proactive and responsive, ensuring the business continuity measures we set out in previous communications remain intact. This means the redundancy of our people, processes and systems. It includes increased sanitization measures, restricting employee travel and thoughtfully expanding our work-from-home policy, in all our offices worldwide, to encourage social distancing. Throughout this process, we remain fully connected and are ready to do business. We’re prepared to take this challenge and respond to any uncertainty faced by our valued clients.

Our leadership and teams are working relentlessly to meet your needs. I encourage everyone to be vigilant, thoughtful and empathetic during these unique times. We will get through this, together.


Philip Fayer

Chairman and CEO


Transaction Limit Increase for Contactless Payments

As part of Nuvei’s ongoing efforts to support the business community during the COVID-19 crisis, and in line with recent card brand updates, we have enabled higher limits for contactless payments on our point-of-sale terminals across Canada.

To facilitate social distancing and smoother checkouts, limits are being increased from $100 to $250 for Visa and Mastercard transactions.

Merchants will now be able to provide greater flexibility for tap to pay as a secure, touch-free payment method. More transactions can be performed without requiring PIN entry or cash handling, thus avoiding potentially infected surfaces.

Please read the article below for more detailed information.



We’re here to keep your business operating throughout any challenge. From online payments – as well as mobile, contactless point-of-sale solutions – we provide the latest payment technology the industry has to offer.

  • Website and social media package
  • Virtual terminal for online or phone orders
  • Contactless payments to avoid handling cash
  • Mobile payments for order deliveries
  • Merchant cash advance for improved cash flow
Payment Solutions | Solutions de paiement


Many businesses rely on a steady stream of foot traffic. During the coronavirus outbreak, setting up shop online is a reliable alternative.

Our virtual terminal is the perfect solution that enables merchants to accept digital payments, online or by phone.

  • Manually key in credit card information to accept payments
  • Process payments, refunds or void transactions in real-time or in batches
  • Set up recurring or installment billing for memberships or subscriptions
  • Print receipts immediately or securely stor card information for invoicing
Payment Solutions | Solutions de paiement


Merchants and their customers are switching to contactless payments as a secure option to handling cash. Benefit from modern features such as NFC contactless card acceptance, plus mobile wallet compatibility.

  • Increased limit from $100 to $250 for Visa and Mastercard transactions
  • Contactless with full encryption (NFC)
  • Fully certified for EMV (chip cards)
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • Compliance with PCI standards
Payment Solutions | Solutions de paiement


Consumers rely on your products to get them through challenging times. From restaurant take-out to retail delivery, and everything in between, our mobile payment solutions enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go.

  • Wireless POS and Mobile Swipers
  • Affordable, No Hidden Fees
  • Compact, Sleek Designs
  • Chip & PIN, Magstripe, NFC Contactless
Payment Solutions | Solutions de paiement


Fast access to cash has never been more critical for small business owners. Positive cash flow from a merchant cash advance can give your business the boost it needs.

We make it easy for you to get the funding your business needs, on your own terms. It’s the perfect alternative to a bank loan. And, there are no time limits on payback and no penalties for early repayment.

  • Approval in 24 hours or less
  • Over 90% approval rate
  • Funding in as little as three business days
  • Minimal paperwork required
  • No collateral required
  • Easy repayment and renewal process


Contactless Payments - Transaction Limit Increase

Contactless Payments - Transaction Limit Increase

As part of Nuvei's ongoing efforts to support the business community during…

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