ABOUT W.I.T.H. Digital

W.I.T.H. Digital (“W.I.T.H.”) is a pioneer of digital payment innovation in the giving and small payments space. Its software is uniquely designed for quick & convenient bite-sized transactions, such as tips, donations and even small purchases. Founded in 2019, W.I.T.H. empowers hard-working service men and women with the ability to capture digital payments while simultaneously mining the underlying transactional data to offer powerful insights. By transforming the way we give, tip, or donate, W.I.T.H. aims to help users adapt to an ever-growing cashless society.


After a year of research, development, and hard work, W.I.T.H. was ready to set up a pilot with a local company. The first step of the process was payment integration. They needed to integrate payments quickly and seamlessly to their solution. With just a matter of weeks to the go-live-date, Nuvei went to work immediately to ensure a successful debut.

Key considerations included::

  • Quick and simple integration
  • Contactless payment options
  • Quick funding
  • Payment security and PCI compliance
  • Robust reconciliation, accounting, and reporting capabilitiesOutstanding customer service and account management


Nuvei was able to provide an integrated payment solution for W.I.T.H. and to power payments for their successful pilot. Nuvei’s compliant card readers with “tap-to-pay” functionality helped to facilitate secure payments, even in the midst of a pandemic.

After a successful integration with Nuvei, W.I.T.H.’s first client, a Montreal-based valet company, saw a greater than 40% adoption rate amongst its patrons. Micropayments are the future; and now more than ever, organizations and individuals that depend on tips, donations or small purchases can ensure continuity of income and benefit from fast, reliable digital payments.

Learn more about W.I.T.H Digital at withdigi.com