Nuvei brings subscription-based payments up to speed for WeCook

Nuvei brings subscription-based payments up to speed for WeCook


WeCook Meals was founded in 2013 by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to spend less time in the kitchen, without compromising on a high-quality, nutritious diet. Meals are curated by an in-house chef, using only freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Demand for WeCook’s ready-made meals have increased 1000% since 2020 and the Montreal-based company has successfully created 600 new jobs. The Montreal-based company currently has two production facilities delivering more than 4 million meals a year throughout Ontario and Quebec.


WeCook was growing their customer base and needed to optimize their payment strategy.

In May 2022, Montreal-based WeCook secured CAD $40 million in strategic equity investment. The funding was part of a wider plan to accelerate the company’s growth across Canada by broadening its business-to-business and direct-to-consumer base. This inevitably meant rethinking their payment strategy. Unit economics, while still important, were no longer enough. They needed an innovative, future-proof partner who could support their long-term growth.


  • Consultative Expertise
  • Payment Technology Migration
  • Optimizing Costs and Managing Cash Flow
  • Optimizing the Checkout Experience
  • Flexibility and Availability
  • Seamless Integration


Since making the switch to Nuvei, WeCook has serviced over 125,000 customers across Canada and has sold over 4.5 million meals!

From the outset, the two companies worked together with a strategic approach based on driving innovation for the subscription-based business. The focus was on helping WeCook grow and connect with their customers.




Learn more about WeCook at WeCookMeals.ca

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