Nuvei Accelerates GRUBBRR’s Expansion into the Canadian Market

Nuvei Accelerates GRUBBRR’s Expansion into the Canadian Market

After long delays trying to get certified with another processor, GRUBBRR turned to Nuvei and was certified and integrated in 2 weeks!


GRUBBRR is a technology company that delivers self-ordering solutions for small to large companies
across different verticals including: QSR restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, cafes, bakeries,
stadiums, movie theatres, casinos, micro markets, retailers, amusement and entertainment centers,
and golf courses. Offerings include: self-service kiosks, contactless ordering, point-of-sale
systems, mobile ordering, online ordering, tableside ordering, food lockers, curbside delivery, and
other services intended to materially increase business efficiency.


GRUBBRR was looking to expand into the Canadian market quickly, but the typical certification process
would take 6-8 months. Additionally, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was increased
urgency and demand for self-ordering technology and safer payment options. GRUBBRR also needed an
advanced platform that would allow them to scale easily, given the volume they were anticipating.
The combination of kiosks, mobile ordering and online ordering required a platform that could
operate with both card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Key considerations included:

  • Quick certification
  • Simple API integration
  • Card present and card-not-present processing
  • Robust payment security
  • Strong local presence
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Responsive development teams
  • Business development and support


Nuvei’s consultative approach and strong local presence in Canada delivered exactly what GRUBBRR
needed. One platform and a simple integration provided GRUBBRR the ability to process payments
online, in-store and at unattended locations.

Learn more about GRUBBRR at grubbrr.com


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