Card Issuing and Banking

Card Issuing and Banking

Put your brand in your customers’ wallets, increase revenue streams and improve the customer experience

Plus, experience the long-term benefits of an open banking strategy, starting today!

  • Fully managed programs, so you can focus on your core business
  • Collapse your technical stack into one seamless integration
  • Payment innovations to increase conversions and drive more revenue
  • Connectivity with over 3,000 banks, providing choice and flexibility

Nuvei’s card issuing solution leads with a frictionless customer experience

Give your users quick access to funds and a seamless way to pay with a branded card. It increases customer loyalty, drives positive user experiences, and gives your users the ability to segregate their funds.

  • Highly customizable
  • Currency conversion- and subscription-compatible
  • Card production and distribution managed by us
  • Strong customer authentication
  • Accepted globally via the Visa brand

Your business is unique. Stand out from your competitors with full customization

You can also customize the look of the card to match your brand. So every time your customers open their wallet they will see your brand.

  • Can be issued in EUR with multicurrency support
  • Highly-customizable program rules to meet your specific requirements
  • Ideal for cryptocurrencies, iGaming and other business use cases

Online banking: a real-time bank transfer solution that puts your customers first

Enable frictionless payments—bypass card network limits while allowing consumers to pay with their trusted bank relationship.

We offer a secure integration for consumers to pay using their banking account.

  • Consumers and merchants can pay and get paid instantly, within seconds
  • Higher conversions rates, a better user journey providing a seamless, mobile-first customer experience
  • Embedded KYC and Strong Customer Authentication

Experience long-term benefits of online bank transfers, starting today

Grow your business with powerful transaction data and actionable insights.

Online Bank Transfer provides access to more customer data, allowing you to better target loyalty offers, improve retention, and grow your business.

Nuvei’s online banking solution empowers you to seize greater opportunities while providing your customers with a secure and fast payment method.

  • Greatly reduce your risk with no delay in receiving your funds
  • Reduce your reconciliation costs and resources
  • Benefit from a lower cost per transaction compared to card payments or existing online bank transfers
  • Provide your customers with more choices and control
  • Descope your PCI DSS requirements – no credentials or account details are stored
  • No additional development or integration required
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