Cash Payment

Cash payment method. Generates printable billing details. Purchase is shipped once payment received at participating location. Also facilitates online payments via bank transfer and payment card.



Supported Countries

  • Brazil

What is Boleto Bancario?

Boleto Bancario is an alternative payment method regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. Boleto means ‘ticket’ and shoppers can pay for these generated tickets by cash and via bank transfer. Mobile devices are commonly used in Brazil for online shopping, thus Boleto Bancario can be seamlessly paid via mobile banking apps as well.

Who is Boleto Bancario for?

Merchants planning to target online shoppers in Brazil can provide them a familiar checkout experience by offering Boleto Bancário. Boleto Bancario is commonly used in the gaming, forex, dating and e-commerce industries.

Available integration methods

Boleto Bancario is available via Nuvei’s Nuvei’s hosted payment pages (Cashier and Checkout) which provide access to the Boleto Bancario interface. Boleto Bancario can be also integrated via server-to-server method through REST API