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Supported Countries

  • China

What is Alipay?

Alipay is one of the biggest online wallets in China. It was developed by the payment department of Taobao in 2004, part of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. It acts as a third-party payment and lifestyle platform. As China is getting closer to become a cashless society, Alipay offers a fast and convenient way to pay. Alipay is commonly used all across the Chinese market whether it’s online or in-store shopping. For online shopping from desktop or laptop, users receive a QR code to scan with their Alipay app and they confirm the purchase with a PIN code. Users can also pay directly using the mobile wallet application and confirm payments with a PIN code themselves. During in-store shopping, shoppers can either scan the QR code from the point of sale to confirm the payment or stores can use a barcode reader and scan the QR code from the shoppers’ Alipay app on mobile devices.

Who is Alipay for?

Alipay has over 520 million active users. Alipay extended its services to different regions and countries to offer familiar shopping experience for Chinese tourists travelling around the world. It’s available in over 70 markets and it keeps expanding its availability. Visitors from China on average spend more than $5,000 per family per year during their travels. Alipay is a great fit for businesses in retail, travel, e-commerce, luxury-, and digital goods or other industries trying to reach the Chinese market home or worldwide. Chinese tourist visits Europe are expected to reach 20.8 million by 2022.

Available integration methods

This payment method is currently available via Nuvei’s hosted payment pages which provide access to the Alipay web interface. Alipay can also be integrated via server-to-server connection through REST API.

Alipay shopping experience – desktop to mobile

1. Shopper selects Alipay at checkout

2. Shopper is redirected to Alipay interface and a QR code is displayed

3. Shopper opens Alipay app on their mobile device and chooses ‘Scan’

4. Shopper receives order summary, confirms payment via app

5. Shopper enters personal payment PIN

6. Payment confirmed in app

7. Confirmation displayed on desktop

Alipay shopping experience – mobile

1. Shopper selects Alipay as payment method on mobile device

2. Alipay app opens automatically and displays purchase details

3. Shopper confirms order with personal PIN or fingerprint

4. Payment confirmed

Alipay shopping experience – Point of Sale

1. Shopper selects scan-to-pay option at POS 

2. Shopper receives QR code, generated automatically, and scans using Alipay app

3. Shopper confirms payment in app

4. Payment confirmed at POS terminal